If I buy 1 million YouTube views, can I earn something?
If I buy 1 million YouTube views, can I earn something?

If I buy 1 million YouTube views, can I earn something?

If you’re looking to make money on YouTube, there are many ways to do it. You could sell your merchandise, create content that people want to watch, and then sell ads against it, or even try to sell videos that have nothing to do with YouTube! But what if you want more than anything else? Is that little extra something? What if you want people to click on your video and watch it? The answer is simple: buy views. Buying 1 million YouTube views is worth approximately $3000 per million views. If you buy 100K views instead, they’ll be worth about $300 each!

A million views are worth approximately $3000

You can earn $3000 for every million views, but this doesn’t mean you should buy 1 million views. It’s more likely that if you buy 1 million views, your earnings will be higher than if you bought 3 or 5.

For example: Say your video has 10k views and costs $100 per 1000 daily views at $0.01 per view (this is what YouTube recommends). If we assume that there are no bad reviews on our video (which is highly unlikely), then we’re earning about $15000/month by buying 10k daily views in bulk! When it comes time to pay for these ads, though, YouTube only charges about half as much as what their algorithm says they should cost based on average sales price data from other similar companies who offer services similar to ours.”

You need to monetize your videos

If you want to get paid, you need to monetize your videos. You can do this by turning on the monetization feature and setting up a channel with ads enabled.


If someone buys followers or views from us, they purchase a service that allows them access and content delivered through our platform.

We do not charge any fees for this service as it comes free to support us in continuing our mission of helping creators make money from their creations!

Monetizing videos

If you want to make money from your videos, it’s important to know that there is a minimum amount of subscribers and watch hours required for monetization. The minimum number of subscribers required for monetization is 1000, while the minimum number of watch hours required for monetization is 4000 per year (which means that if you’re making a video every month and uploading it each month, then it would take almost two years before your channel becomes profitable).

You’ll make about 70 cents per 1000 views

If you’re wondering how much money can be made on YouTube, the answer is that it depends. You’ll earn more views and subscribers than buying them yourself.

There are lots of things you can do to improve the quality of your channel

To improve the monetary value of your views, there are a few things you can do to make sure they’re worth something.

  • Engaging content: This is the most important thing in making money from YouTube views because it’s what people want to see. If you don’t have engaging videos, then no one will click on them and watch them all the way through—or even bother leaving comments or subscribing to your channel at all! Every video must have some hook for viewers (even if “I’m going somewhere” or “I’m eating something delicious”). Also, think about what would make an interesting topic for an educational video vs. how-to vlogs vs. beauty tutorials.
  • Good lighting: Many people prefer watching videos where their eyes aren’t squinting because it makes everything look more comfortable compared with when they’re staring into bright lights while trying not to fall asleep while waiting on hold with Comcast customer service reps who hate talking on phone calls more than anything else in this universe (this may not be true but I’ve heard enough horror stories).

Creating engaging content

The more videos you create, the higher your chances of getting more views. Creating engaging content will help you get more views, increasing your chances of getting more subscribers and reaching the required watch hours.

Do some research on SEO

When trying to grow your channel, it’s important to research SEO to optimize your videos for YouTube searches.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and refers to getting your videos to appear at the top of YouTube searches. The more people can find your content; the better off you’ll be—whether they’re watching live or on demand.

The goal here is not just getting more views; it’s also about increasing engagement rates (the time spent watching each video), keeping viewers engaged with relevant messaging within each video, and using strong keywords in titles and descriptions so that viewers can easily find what they’re looking for when searching online.

Buying views isn’t the way to become rich on YouTube

Buying views is not the way to become rich on YouTube. It can make a dent in your spending on other marketing strategies, but it won’t get you the subscribers or revenue that will make money for your channel.

Buying 1 million views will cost around $10 per 1000 views, and the price increases as more people watch your video. If someone watches just one second of your video and then leaves (which happens sometimes), then each view costs about $0.50 at best because there’s no engagement with them after they’ve watched it once!

YouTube is a great way to promote your brand and make money. With the right strategies, you can get thousands of views for cheap without spending a dime on expensive advertising campaigns. It’s also important to remember that buying YouTube views isn’t the only way to monetize your videos; there are other ways, such as affiliate programs or sponsorships with companies who would like their products featured in an upcoming video of yours!

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